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There are a lot of daily newsletters that are great, but none that focus on not only financial and business news, but also personal finance and how you can take that news to make better financial decisions.

What's happening in the money world?

Bitcoin Outpaces StocksYear to Date (YTD) Bitcoin is leading the asset classes with a 41% return, followed by the tech-heavy NASDAQ at 9.5% and then the S&P500 with 3.3%. Another good example of how diversification can really help your portfolio because you never know which asset class is going to do well.

Look at this chart as an example. It shows the best performing asset class buy year. Stocks are in green, bonds in yellow and commodities are red. Notice any pattern here? Exactly! There isn't one. It changes from year to year, which is why the best investors don't try to guess what will be hot next. They diversify.

Tesla Investor DayThe stock is up 65% YTD, beating all the asset classes discussed above. They had a tough year last year, including investors not liking Elon's purchase of Twitter and wondering if it's a distraction.


  • New plant in Monterrey, Mexico

  • Using less silicon carbide wafer without compromising on the car's efficiency

  • It has now made over 4 million cars

  • Reduced core manufacturing costs by 50%

  • Didn't discuss the rumored next-gen of cars expected to be under $25,000.

CryptoIs BUSD, the stablecoin from Binance, done after the SEC probe? Not looking good after circulation is down 37%, outflows totaling $6 billion and number of sending addresses hits a 4 month low.

Be a Better Investor

"A paradox of life is that the greatest returns come in the long-term, but the opportunity cost of moving slowly is huge.

Long-term thinking is not slow acting.

Act fast on things that compound. Never let a day pass without doing something that will benefit you in a decade."

James Clear, Author of "Atomic Habits"

Make More Money this YearI like this quote because it speaks to the power of compounding. In this book "Atomic Habits" Clear talks a lot about how the small habits add up over time and it's the systems that help you succeed. Or as he says, "You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems." In other words, two people may have the same goals, but their outcomes could be drastically different based on the systems they employ to reach those goals.

For example, I'm training for a Half Ironman coming up in 2 weeks. Everyone in that race has a goal to finish and do well, but the fastest athletes will be the ones who had the better training systems.

If you're interested in a summary of the book, check out Clear's own summary here.

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