Bonds are back in style

Bonds are back in style

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What's happening in the money world?

Bond Yields Up to 4%In January the stock market rallied when investors thought the Fed was about done raising interest rates. Now that trend has reversed and the market is going down and bond yields are going up. They tend to run opposed to each other, but not always. When bond yields (how much you get paid by holding them) rise, they're more appealing to investors so more money goes into bonds and not into stocks, which causes stocks to fall.

China Roars BackChina is making a comeback as their manufacturing index rose at the fastest pace in a decade in February. The Hong Kong stock index is up 4%. Export orders up for the first time in 2 years. This is good news as there have been fears China would crash and take us all down with it.

Americans Continue to Spend60% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, mostly due to inflation. Down from 64% a year ago.

Per Target CEO and others, people are spending more on necessities and less on discretionary spending.

Last Friday’s CPI read was higher than expected jumping 1.8%, which shows that people are still spending, partly by using their credit cards, which caused total credit card debt to hit an all-time record $930.6 billion, up 18.5% over last year.

Elu Lilly announced cutting the price of insulin drugs by 70%

Young Adults Still Living with ParentsIn 2020 52% of young adults lived with their parents. Reply to this email if you’re one of them.

That’s the highest number ever recorded, beating the last high of 48% during the Great Depression. It’s now down to 47%.

Why? Some say they're just smart to live at home and save money for their future, while others are more pessimistic, saying they have to because they entered the job market during Covid, high inflation, high rents and high home prices. What do you think? Reply to this email with your thoughts.

Crypto Fear & Greed Index Back Up

People are feeling more optimistic about crypto the past months and prices are showing it.

Be a Better Investor

"The key to successful investing is to buy good companies at reasonable prices and hold onto them for the long term." - Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch ran the Fidelity Magellan Fund from 1977 to 1990 and averaged a 29.2% annual return, which was double the S&P 500. It was the largest and best performing mutual fund in the world. In his books he espoused that investors can do well by buying good companies they are familiar with. He is one of the most famous value investors, besides Buffett. If you love a company's products, consider investing in their stock. Maybe even better, if you love the iPhone, buy some of their stock instead of upgrading. You'll be happy you did years down the road.

This is a great video by New Money that talks about Peter's investment philosophy and how it can be applied in 2023.

Make More Money this YearInvest in yourself by learning new skills or getting additional education that can increase your earning potential.

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