Crypto's moment

While the banking system has it's moment, crypto has a different one

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[Watch] Early Retirement AlternativesRetirement may be a long way off and seem like an unlikely goal for many, but there are options. Many options make FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) more easy to achieve. Traditional retirement is changing and so is work, as people are living longer and healthier.

Let's dig into some alternatives to what we typically think of as working 40 years, retiring at 65 and sitting around until we die. If that sounds boring to you, there are lots of options, which all you to mix things up and keep working while you explore your talents or new opportunities.


  • Take an extended vacation or "mini-retirement"

  • Change of career or job

  • Project-based or freelance work

  • Sabbaticals

  • Seasonal jobs

  • Geoarbitrage

Watch it here (15 minutes) or read it here.

Meta Lays Off Another 10,000After being late to the game amongst their tech peers in cutting costs and laying off 10,000 employees in November, Meta announced they're laying off another 10,000 and closing 5,000 job openings. They aren't the only ones. Here's a list.

Crypto - Is this Bitcoin's moment?Bitcoin was forged in the aftermath of the GFC (Great Financial Crisis) as a response to the bail failures of 2008 by getting rid of the need for financial intermediaries. As the banking system is having a "moment" investors are piling into BTC, driving the price up 18% on Monday, but has retraced about 2% since yesterday.

Helping the price was $160 billion of BTC liquidations.

Bank RecoveringBanks recovered some of their losses yesterday due to the backstop provided by the Federal Reserve with it Bank Term Funding Program, which offers 1 year loans to banks. First Republic up nearly 27%, PacWest up 33.85%, KeyCorp up 6.94% and Charles Schwab up 9.19%.

However, Moody's cut it's rating to "negative" on the entire banking sector citing a "rapidly deteriorating operating environment."

Now all eyes on are Credit Suisse after they announced a loss for 2022 of $8 billion.

Be a Better Investor

"The stock market is a complex machine that occasionally gives simple answers."

- Ken Fisher

Investor Spotlight Carl Icahn, activist investor, is known for his aggressive approach of taking large positions in companies and pushing for changes to unlock shareholder value. He's not sounding too bullish, in fact he's more short than long, which means he's protecting himself in case the market falls. Watch a 2 minute clip here.

Earn More Money Now IdeaSell your services: Offer your services as a tutor, personal trainer, or consultant to individuals or businesses.

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