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and make money online – part III

Good morning investors! The market showed signs of recovery yesterday as we await economic data.

Today we cover:

  • No rate cuts this year?

  • Cybertruck in trouble?

  • Making money online.

📊 Economy and News 

Fed officials are talking down the chance of rate cuts this year

According to this CNN article, Fed governor Michelle Bowman said that she’s expecting no rate cuts this year.

“I remain willing to raise the target range for the federal-funds rate at a future meeting should progress on inflation stall or even reverse,” she said. “Reducing our policy rate too soon or too quickly could result in a rebound in inflation, requiring further future policy rate increases to return inflation to 2% over the longer run.”

At the beginning of the year, Federal Reserve officials projected they would cut interest rates three times this year. By June, they had lowered that projection to just one cut.

Now some key policymakers say it won’t happen at all.

Bowman joins a growing contingent of Fed officials who have hinted that rates will likely remain the same for the remainder of the year.

San Francisco Fed President Mary Daly, also a voting member this year, said on Monday the Fed must be agile and “if inflation falls more slowly than expected, the policy rate must stay higher for longer.”

Global hits:

Also check: US consumer confidence teetered slightly in June as Americans grew a little warier about the future, new data released Tuesday showed.

📈 Stocks

S&P 500 5,469.30 (+0.39%)
DJIA 39,112.16 (-0.76%)
NASDAQ 17,717.65 (+1.26%)
BRENT CRUDE 84.44 (-0.21%)
* Prices as of Jun 26th, 12:20 AM UTC

Tesla recalls the Cybertruck

Tesla has announced two new recalls for the Cybertruck. The first addresses windshield wipers with faulty motor controllers, while the second concerns loose trim that may rattle or detach.

These recalls are the third and fourth for Tesla’s latest electric vehicle in the United States, which began deliveries to customers in late 2023.

In its first-quarter shareholder update, Tesla reported a production capacity for the Cybertruck exceeding 125,000 units per year. Additionally, at Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting earlier this month, CEO Elon Musk revealed that the company achieved a record of 1,300 Cybertruck shipments in a single week.

According to disclosures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Tesla stated that from November 13, 2023, to June 6, 2024, the U.S. Cybertruck fleet totaled 11,688 vehicles.

Tesla is expected to announce its second-quarter vehicle production and delivery numbers in early July.

Airbus changes: Shares of Airbus fell -9% yesterday after the company said it was cutting its financial targets for 2024. Airbus said it was now expecting lower earnings before interest and taxes and fewer commercial aircraft to be delivered this year.

The company cited supply chain issues and additional costs in its space systems division as reasons for the lower targets.

This is already starting to have an impact on other companies. Experts believe that fewer planes may increase competition for seats resulting in costlier tickets.

This is a worry as flying is already expensive. Though not related, German airline Lufthansa has already hiked ticket prices by up to $77 due to environmental costs.

Interesting: Federal judge rejects $30 billion settlement between Visa, Mastercard and retailers.

💵 Personal Finance

Make money online – part III

We talked about making money online in the last two issues, and today we’ll continue with another exciting ways to make money online:

Fill Online Surveys to Make Money From Home

Though effective, this may not be for those looking for creative ways to make money as filling surveys can get redundant.

It’s quite like working as a product tester but you will not really get to test products as filling surveys online requires sharing your experience and feedback on general things such as living in a country, working at an office, etc.

Some of the best survey sites include Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks, and Survey Junkie.

These do not pay a lot so don’t expect to get rich. Each survey pays between $1 and $20 depending on factors such as the platform you’ve selected, the length of the survey, and the niche.

On an hourly basis, it comes up to about $3 to $5 per hour. Some experienced users earn up to $10 per hour completing surveys but it’s rare.

On the plus side, you do not need a college degree to fill surveys. These days there are also a lot of AI-related tasks but you may need relevant experience to take on these.

Sell Your Art and Make Money Selling Online

Photographers and artists can sell pictures and paintings online. Shutterstock and other such platforms are willing to pay good money for photos. They must, however, be very nicely clicked.

But, these days even AI art is in demand. If you can create compelling prompts and come up with unique content, there is a market for it on sites like WireStock and Anasaea.

You can either sell your picture and receive a huge amount – as high as $1,000 – or receive royalties – up to $20 – on each sale. However, the amount you earn will depend on factors such as the platform and the nature of your photos.

💰 Be a Better Investor

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Stephen Covey

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